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The Best and The Brightest of 2024



Age 17
Tempe Preparatory High School

Tamsin is always looking for ways to help make her community better, but she’s found a particular passion for helping those experiencing homelessness. She started volunteering with Aris Foundation, Inc., passing out snacks to the unhoused at a local park. She now serves as a resource officer, distributing much-needed items, educating people on drug dangers, and helping them sign up for medical care. Above all, she’s formed genuine friendships with people she never would have met otherwise.


“They truly are amazing human beings even though they’re facing these adverse situations,” said Tamsin. “Don’t treat them as problems but as human beings we want in our society.”


In addition to her volunteer work, Tamsin is always looking for ways to uplift and support other women. She is the president of HerStory, a women’s empowerment club on campus.  She’s also spearheaded campaigns advocating for reproductive rights, healthcare for mothers in prison, increasing minimum wage and ensuring her fellow students can access menstrual products in the school restrooms.


“Look around and see how amazing our generation already is,” Tamsin said. “Be inspired by the people around you, but also don’t discount your own voice.”


In her “free” time, Tamsin enjoys working on the school newspaper, is a member of the Varsity Cross Country Team, works as a camp counselor, and loves to paint.


Tamsin plans to study sociology in college with a focus in poverty, homelessness and racial justice. 

636 W Southern Ave | Tempe, AZ 85282
6339 E Speedway Blvd, Ste 109 | Tucson, AZ 85710