Aanvi Goel

The Best and The Brightest of 2024



Age 17
Xavier College Preparatory
Paradise Valley

Aanvi knows firsthand how food nourishes the mind, body, and soul. As a Varsity athlete since freshman year, her passion for health and fitness started as a way to improve her golf game, but soon developed into much more as she connected with families impacted by food insecurity and inequality. Through her volunteer work with Swift Youth Foundation’s Homeward Bound program, an after-school center for children facing near-homelessness, Aanvi saw a need for programming that not only helped provide food and nourishment, but also educated families on the benefits of making healthier dietary choices.


She founded My Tasty Table, and to date the organization has held more than 40 free events throughout the Phoenix metro area, exposing more than 400 young people to healthy food options. During a recent class centered around vegan sushi, one student admitted he had never tried a carrot before.


“I am driven by the laughter of children learning and discovering their potential,” said Aanvi. “It is what drives my passion to make my community better, one healthy meal, one new life skill, and one confident smile at a time.”


Since launching the organization, My Tasty Table has secured eight community partners, created a Teen Leadership board across multiple high schools, and increased its team to 22 volunteers.


“I attribute all my successes to hard work and embracing change, and I’ve been fortunate to have two amazing co-founders who share the same vision and passion to serve,” said Aanvi. “Being open to different perspectives and loving to learn have given me confidence in myself and my ability to help others.”


In addition to My Tasty Table, Aanvi was selected as an Intern for the Dragon Kim Foundation, helping the next generation of student entrepreneurs launch their community projects. Aanvi volunteers as a golf coach and life mentor for kids at First Tee of Arizona and serves on the Swift Youth Foundation’s Teen Leadership Board. Additionally, she tutors students at after-school centers, serves as a student ambassador at Xavier College Preparatory, and was nominated by Xavier’s athletic director to serve on the Arizona Interscholastic Association’s Student Leadership Advisory Committee.


As the eldest child in a large extended South Asian family, Aanvi works hard to be a positive role model for her younger brother and cousins. One of her biggest inspirations is her great grandmother, who published her first book at the age of 70 and received an Honorary Doctorate in Literature from Miami University (OH) at 99 years old.


“My great grandmother taught me that it is never too late to follow your passion. I believe it is never too early either,” said Aanvi. “I hope to show others that if you work hard, cultivate genuine intellectual curiosity, and follow your passions, you will lead a rewarding life,” she said.


Aanvi hopes to one day go into medicine and work in a field focused on health and nutrition.