Tanish Doshi

The Best and The Brightest of 2024



Age 16
BASIS Oro Valley
Oro Valley

An Eagle Scout and outdoor enthusiast since he could barely walk, Tanish’s lifelong love for the environment has deep roots. However, it took on even more importance when the Bighorn Fire in 2020 scorched hundreds of thousands of acres in the Santa Catalina Mountains near his home. Those flames sparked a new passion for climate advocacy and public policy.


“I wouldn’t have gotten any opportunities that I have unless someone mentored me,” said Tanish.


Tanish is now the outreach director for the AZ Youth Climate Coalition. Since schools are often the largest public energy users, his team is working with Tucson Unified School District, the third largest district in the state, to implement a full climate action plan that includes solar panels, geothermal energy and green energy. The Coalition was also heavily involved in Tucson’s successfully-passed Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. He is also working on a climate curriculum, so that high schoolers and even middle schoolers can learn the science behind the climate crisis.


In addition to his environmental work, Tanish is on his school’s mock trial team. He started a  Statistical Analysis Club and his Banned Book Club is now operating in two schools and two libraries. He is part of the Indian Society of Southern Arizona’s first youth board, the Metropolitan Education Commission Youth Advisory Council, the Oro Valley Youth Advisory Council, and the Governor’s Youth Commission. He also launched Jaguar Tutoring Company to help other students who may be struggling.


“There is never too young of an age,” said Tanish. “The earlier you start thinking about careers and entrepreneurship, and making an impact, the more prepared you are to actually go out and have that impact.”

Tamsin Hurlbut

The Best and The Brightest of 2024



Age 17
Tempe Preparatory High School

Tamsin is always looking for ways to help make her community better, but she’s found a particular passion for helping those experiencing homelessness. She started volunteering with Aris Foundation, Inc., passing out snacks to the unhoused at a local park. She now serves as a resource officer, distributing much-needed items, educating people on drug dangers, and helping them sign up for medical care. Above all, she’s formed genuine friendships with people she never would have met otherwise.


“They truly are amazing human beings even though they’re facing these adverse situations,” said Tamsin. “Don’t treat them as problems but as human beings we want in our society.”


In addition to her volunteer work, Tamsin is always looking for ways to uplift and support other women. She is the president of HerStory, a women’s empowerment club on campus.  She’s also spearheaded campaigns advocating for reproductive rights, healthcare for mothers in prison, increasing minimum wage and ensuring her fellow students can access menstrual products in the school restrooms.


“Look around and see how amazing our generation already is,” Tamsin said. “Be inspired by the people around you, but also don’t discount your own voice.”


In her “free” time, Tamsin enjoys working on the school newspaper, is a member of the Varsity Cross Country Team, works as a camp counselor, and loves to paint.


Tamsin plans to study sociology in college with a focus in poverty, homelessness and racial justice. 

Sophia Lin

The Best and The Brightest of 2024



Age 16
BASIS Scottsdale

Sophia Lin has always had a passion for equity and education, but during the COVID-19 pandemic she took action to support students across Arizona.  As cofounder of the youth education service nonprofit iReach, Sophia has grown the organization to 450 members, providing programming opportunities like summer camps and more than 5,000 hours of tutoring for underserved students across our state. 


“My parents, when they first came to America, they really struggled with the funding aspect of education,” said Sophia. “Seeing them work so hard to get to where they are now really made me want to fight for other students who may not have access to opportunities.”


Sophia’s advocacy doesn’t stop there. She is working with the AZ Governor’s Youth Commission (GYC) to bridge education gaps, particularly in rural counties. She has hosted dance, art, and speech camps, and assisted with STEM, Civics and financial literacy camps. She works closely with the AZ Board of Regents, ASU, UofA and NAU’s financial aid offices to help students find the right postsecondary education options.


Sophia is also heavily involved with Speech and Debate, and showcased those skills when she gave a Tedx Talk in 2022 that focused on racial stereotypes. She is a peer advocate on campus, and is dedicated to finding data-driven solutions to social issues. She recently worked with a Harvard professor to study suicide prevention, and is currently researching machine-learning simulations and data analysis to improve high-school students’ engagement and prevent high-school dropouts. In collaboration with an ASU professor through the SCience and ENgineering Experience (SCENE) program, her goal is to influence education policy and build long-term solutions.


“I truly believe youth voices are some of the most influential voices we can have in our society,” she said.


Sophia plans to pursue higher education after high school and eventually work in public policy.

Sascha Reveron

The Best and The Brightest of 2024



Age 16

Sascha is a trailblazer who demonstrates initiative and is committed to sparking positive change. This year, she created a Multicultural Coalition at BASIS Mesa to celebrate rich cultural backgrounds and foster unity.  She has eight board members and they are planning their first Multicultural Celebration in April to bring the school and community together. Through their events, she has been able to amplify diverse voices, promote empathy, and encourage cross-cultural understanding.


She was selected as “Miss Juneteenth Arizona 2023”, an experience she treasures. Her mother saw the opportunity and encouraged her to apply.


“I would have never considered applying for it,” said Sascha. “But, I am so glad I did. It’s opened so many doors for me. It increased my confidence, public speaking skills and made me realize we need a greater representation of young women of color in politics.”


Sascha also started TEENgage, a youth summit for political engagement. It serves as a platform to empower and educate youth, equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to become future leaders and change-makers in their communities.


She is a servant leader and inspires everyone around her to get involved.  Sascha volunteers weekly at her church as a service leader helping younger students. At school, she’s also president of the Model United Nations Club, Secretary of the National Honor Society, and Public Relations officer of the Student Ambassador’s program. 


“More teens should get engaged in their community,” said Sascha. “It doesn’t cost anything to do and what you gain in skills and experience is invaluable. It betters your life and others!” 

Samhith Padala

The Best and The Brightest of 2024



Age 18
University High School 

Samhith has been a Junior Achievement of Arizona student since Kindergarten and credits their programming for teaching him many basic business, entrepreneurial and financial principles from a young age.  He started his own photography business at age 12! What started as a passion has grown into an international company with over 130 content creators across more than 30 countries.


Sync Visual Media had six employees prior to the pandemic and when the world shut down, he had to find innovative ways to continue doing business. Without any in-person weddings or events, Samhith decided to begin offering services such as live streaming, graphic design, videography and web design. Today, it’s a multimedia company, with clients all over the world.  He oversees day-to-day operations and has expanded to India and the United Kingdom. 


He tells young entrepreneurs, “Don’t hold back, just because of your age. Time is very valuable and you have to go after what you want to achieve. It’s also important to find mentors to help guide you in the right direction.”


As if running his own business isn’t enough, Samhith is also ranked the highest in the class and is involved in DECA, FBLA and the Phoenix Tee Party nonprofit. He’s also on a 10-member student advisory board for the Arizona Board of Education. He also partnered with the Lions Club and launched the “Lens for Lens Program,” a way to reflect on the impact they’ve made in the world through Sync Visual Media. To date, Sync Visual Media has been able to donate more than 2,000 glasses and over 7,000 hours in direct services to those in need. 

Madie Kunisch

The Best and The Brightest of 2024



Age 17
AZ Agribusiness and Equine Center
Prescott Valley

A lifelong animal lover, Madie has thrived in her high school’s Veterinarian Science program throughout the last four years. This unique elective program has helped her learn all about biology, chemistry, animal anatomy and physiology, animal diseases, and clinical veterinary techniques. She received hands-on experience at a local pet emergency hospital and used her unique expertise to launch a successful pet-sitting business, providing high-caliber care to animals in her neighborhood. Her experience with entrepreneurship has taught her many lessons, including compassion and compromise.


“Not everyone is as fortunate to have a great financial situation,” said Madie. “It’s important to compromise when you need to.”


Madie is also a long-standing FFA member and competitor, becoming Arizona State Champion in 2022 in the Entomology division as a sophomore. She then discovered Agronomy, the science of soil management and crop production, and founded a team at her high school. Madie’s team won first place in the district competition and she placed first overall in the state competition. The team is now competing for recognition at the state level.


“STEM is important because it propels people into a new kind of world,” said Madie.  “Absolutely anything is possible. If you want to do something, you just do it, no matter who you are or your background, it doesn’t matter. You can be whatever you want to be.”


In addition to school and FFA, Madie is a dedicated volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters. She served as a teacher’s aide in agriscience classes her junior year, tutors students in math and science, is vice president of her high school’s National Honor Society, as well as a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at Yavapai College.


“Giving back shows that teens want to make this world a better place than when we were put into it,” said Madie.


Madie will graduate with both her high school diploma and an Associate of Science degree thanks to a dual enrollment opportunity with Yavapai College. She is the first from her high school to complete such rigorous coursework in several years. Madie will attend NAU to study chemistry with plans to go into the medical field as a way of helping others.

Letom Kpea

The Best and The Brightest of 2024



Age 17
Buckeye Union High School 

An advocate for the minority voice and female interest on campus, Letom is an exemplary student. She is on pace to be valedictorian of her school, a position she’s held all four years at Buckeye Union High School. Letom is involved in the Buckeye Youth Council, Police Cadets, National Honor Society, FBLA, an officer on Student Council and president of Key Club. 


One of the ways she’s making an impact on her community is through the Buckeye Youth Council, where she has a student voice in community matters and is able to affect change at the political level where applicable. 


“I have been involved in Student Council since middle school and met amazing, goal-driven people who have allowed me to find a voice and speak up for many minority and female students,” said Letom. “These leadership experiences have allowed me to gain public speaking skills and vocalize opinions.”


She loves volunteering in her community. Letom recently helped organize an event that brought 100 local artists to downtown Buckeye.


She’s a Questbridge Prep Scholar, one of the high performers in the state, and a Jack Kent Cooke scholarship finalist.  She recently had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. with the League of Cities meeting. 


She plans to study Political Science at the University of Chicago and there’s no doubt she’ll have a bright future! 

Giancarlo Perez

The Best and The Brightest of 2024



Age 18
NFL Yet College Prep Academy 

Giancarlo Perez knows the value of hard work and believing in a dream. Working alongside his parents for the family construction company since he was just 11 years old, Giancarlo is passionate about entrepreneurship. He’s now a co-owner of the company and has big plans for expanding and scaling the business.


“I believe it all comes down to wanting to do it and I believe if there’s something that you really like and you really want, there’s no better option than to just do it,” he said.


Giancarlo’s motivation to ensure other teens have access to opportunities, led him to start a nonprofit. Dream Project aims to inspire and encourage young people to overcome external challenges and set their sights on ventures beyond their comfort zones. The organization has created various clubs at Giancarlo’s school, and is working on a Male Empowerment Project to help teach young men how to carry themselves. He credits his school principal for planting seeds of greatness within him.


“He’s like a father figure,” said Giancarlo.  “He’s always trying to help and he’s always trying to make sure you’re in the best situation to succeed.”


In addition to co-owning a company and founding a nonprofit, Giancarlo is captain of the Varsity Soccer Team and a Student Ambassador for his school. He will attend ASU’s  W.P. Carey School of Business and plans to major in entrepreneurship. He is also working toward obtaining licenses in plastering and drywall.


“Seeing that I have the capacity to help people and to help them learn and improve and just better themselves all around, that’s what really keeps me going,” he said.

India Davis-Wiley

The Best and The Brightest of 2024



Age 16
North High School, International Baccalaureate Program

For India Davis-Wiley, running a successful business is a family endeavor. She helped launch and operate Nickel Berry Works; a family company focused on publishing works created by children. The early experience taught her life lessons like finding meaningful connections with others, how to network, and the importance of solid management skills. She built upon those lessons when she developed and launched the company’s signature candle line, A Touch of Scented Love.


“I don’t believe you’re ever too young to make a difference,” said India. “Shoot your shot because you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, India is intimately engaged in her community. She is involved with Jack and Jill of America, an organization of mothers with children ages 2-19 that is dedicated to nurturing future African American leaders. She is a member of the AZ Governor’s Youth Commission, National Honor Society, and is an ambassador for Phoenix Sister Cities Youth Ambassador Exchange Program and her school’s International Baccalaureate Program.


When she has free time, India pursues her deep love for aviation and Formula 1 racing! She flew her first plane, a Cessna 172, when she was just 11 years old and is working toward her private pilot’s license. After high school, she plans to study business with a focus in marketing.

Fatimah Amer

The Best and The Brightest of 2024



Age 16
BASIS Scottsdale 

Fatimah is CEO of one of the largest youth-led health equity initiatives in Arizona.  She founded SPARKHope in 2019 after she had to stop volunteering in person due to the pandemic. She felt compelled to find a way to help the community and people who didn’t have access to public health. 


“I was a freshman when the pandemic hit and it was very personal for me,” said Fatimah. “I witnessed profound disruptions to my community and knew we had a public health crisis. I saw the health disparities and wanted to do something to help.”


SPARKHope aims to bridge the large health inequities in Arizona. Over the past three years, the organization has grown to support numerous local food banks that serve underprivileged individuals, in particular, single mothers with children.  Fatimah has organized fundraisers, food drives and secured volunteers and corporate sponsors to support her efforts.  She has been recognized for her work and was recently the youngest person to win the Stella Kiarie Innovation for Health Equity Award at the annual Arizona Health Equity Conference.


Fatimah serves on the sponsorship and marketing committee for the Scottsdale Mayor’s Youth Council, is a teen volunteer at Honor Health and interned at Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center. She’s also involved in her high school, where she serves as president of the Mona Foundation Club and is an advocate for UNICEF USA. While Fatimah is not busy advocating for health policy, she is conducting groundbreaking biomedical research on state of the art methods and has presented four poster presentations within the last year!


She’s an entrepreneur committed to excellence, and has learned to balance school work while serving as a CEO! She hopes to grow more SPARKHope chapters across the country and pursue a career in public health, possibly as a researcher. 


“It’s not work to me, SPARKHope is like a family to me,” said Fatimah. “I love the work we’re doing and want to help as many people as we can!”